San Diego Charger Girls Auditions 2009

The opportunity to cheer for a team coming off a third-consecutive division title brought a record 420 women to the University of San Diego ’s Jenny Craig Pavilion April 5th for preliminary auditions for the 2009 Charger Girls. By the end of the day, 68 talented finalists were selected to compete for a spot on the 28-member team.

“It’s great to see the program continue to grow in popularity,” Charger Girls Director Lisa Simmons said. “The Chargers also came off another great football season, and everybody reaps the reward of that.”

Of the 420 candidates, 27 previously danced for professional sports teams, some in the NBA and some with NFL teams other than the Chargers. Eighteen of the finalists fit in that category. Women came throughout Southern California to audition. The candidates also included women from Washington , Utah and Arizona , and one finalist traveled from Japan to participate.

Choreographer Jeannine Sabo, who has previously worked on Broadway plays and with artists such as the Backstreet Boys, kicked off the morning by teaching the women a 32-beat routine.

“We’re looking for the total package,” Simmons said. “We want women who have a strong cheer, dance and performance background as well as overall charisma. It’s also important to us to have powerful, intelligent and educated women to represent the program well in the community.”

Story Courtesy of Casey Pierce,

Photos Courtesy of Mike Nowak, San Diego Chargers

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