PBWC 20th Annual Conference – San Francisco, CA

On May 6th e2k produced the 20th Anniversary Conference of the Professional BusinessWomen of California. Held at San Francisco’s Moscone Center, the event was Northern California’s premier business and leadership conference for women, featuring over 50 speakers, 15 seminars, and 100 exhibitors. Over 3,000 women representing an broad array of different business sectors and employment levels gathered that day to hear noted keynote speakers including Best-Selling Author Patrick Lencioni; President and CEO of The Global Fund for Women, Kavita Ramdas; Clinton Advisor, Ann Lewis; United States Congresswoman, Jackie Speier; Former eBay President, and Gubernatorial Candidate, Meg Whitman; CNN’s Valerie Coleman Morris; Charles Schwab Foundation President, Carrie Schwab-Pomerantz; Secretary General of the Council of Women World Leaders, Laura Liswood; and a closing panel from Fortune’s 50 Most Powerful and Highest Paid Women in Business Lists: Safra Catz, President Oracle Corporation; Joanne Maguire, EVP Lockheed Martin; and Deborah McWhinney Doyle, President, Citi Wealth Financial.

The production team was led by Executive Producer Lorie Murphy. Katie Doherty, with the support of Caitlyn Komar, produced the Expo and Registration. Mike Brady was the Technical Director and Set Designer, and Trisha Ricci the Venue Manager. Associate Producer Cathy Dangler was responsible for speaker selection and program development. Megan Harris provided the graphics, and Jen Foley managed the website, e-blast campaign and logistics. Additional on-site event support came from the entire e2k team, and extended network of colleagues.

Founded in 1989 by current United States Congresswoman Jackie Speier, the Professional BusinessWomen of California (PBWC) is the largest and most established women’s organization in the State, dedicated to advancing the professional and personal development of women by providing tools, resources, training and inspiration. www.pbwc.org.


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