E2k recently produced the “wrap party” for Pixar Animation to celebrate the completion of the new Toy Story 3 Movie that will be released in theaters on June 13th. The event involved a premiere showing of the finished film to over 2,400 Pixar employees who had worked for four years to bring this vision to life. As you can imagine, the credit roll was an exciting moment for many of the audience members.

In order to provide the full audio/visual experience, e2k sound engineers Mike Brady and Dennis Leonard (also an engineer at the Lucas Ranch post-production facility) worked closely with the Pixar team and Meyer Sound, bringing in all new sound and video equipment to create a state-of-the-art surround-sound experience in the 79-year-old Paramount Theater in Oakland.

From the Paramount, the guests were bused to the Craneway Pavilion at Port Richmond for a spectacular party that recreated many of the scenes and provided four hours of non-stop entertainment, interactive activities, and delectable food provided by Taste Catering. Thanks to Suzana Munoz and the Taste team for their outstanding performance. Lighting for the event was designed by Mickey Fimbres at Imact Lighting, and the sound was produced by Sound on Stage from the new movie. The event featured some innovative video elements developed by Anton Goss and Consortium Studios in Hollywood. Consortium previously created the magnificent set for our Pangea Day production. In all, over 450 staff, crew and performers worked on the two events. Event producer, Trisha Ricci and Technical Director, Mike Brady did a wonderful job managing the complex logistics and working hand-in-hand with the Pixar team to bring their creative vision to life in a live setting.

Stay tuned for more information on this exciting event—and be sure to see the movie—it’s wonderful!


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