2010 Pachamama Annual Fundraising Luncheon

E2k/Events for Change once again produced the annual Pachamama Alliance fundraising luncheon, attended by 1,400 dedicated supporters at Fort Mason. This year’s event, the largest ever, featured an appearance by New York Times bestselling author and Pachamama Alliance co-founder, John Perkins (Diary of An Economic Hitman, Hoodwinked etc.). Neal Rogin and Mary Chase created a beautiful new video, telling the story of The Pachamama Alliance from the first encounter with the Achuar people of Ecuador to the present organization with multiple global initiatives.
Co-founders, Lynne and Bill Twist, outlined the work that the organization is doing in Ecuador through their Jungle Journeys program, The New York Times article Amazon Awakening, the support of the Kapawai eco lodge, the promotion of the Rights of Nature concept, and the organization of indigenous groups to change the oil drilling plans in the region. Jon Symes described the continued expansion of the Awakening the Dreamer Symposium into new countries and new demographics. The new Jungle Mamas program was presented by Narcisa Mashienta, a member of the Shuar community, who is leading this initiative to introduce safer birthing methods for the indigenous women. Finally, Lynne and Bill set the context of their work within the Four Years. Go campaign that provides a sense of urgency to the work being done by people around the world.
e2k Technical Director, Mike Brady, took the attendees on an audio journey to the rain forest with his multi-track, surround-sound experience. David Gill coordinated the décor and food & beverage aspects of the event. Trisha Ricci managed the venue relations and directed the graphic and video elements of the presentation. Meghan Harris created beautiful new theme banners and screen graphics. Michael Olmstead, who serves on the Board of The Pachamama Alliance, worked on the program development team and stage managed the show. Click Here for a panoramic shot of the luncheon.
E2k/Events for Change is proud to contribute to this important work, and help to bring the vision of the Pachamama Alliance to life. Click Here to watch the webcast of the event.


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