Porfessional BusinessWomen of California’s 22nd Annual Conference

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg

e2k recently produced Northern California’s largest event for Women in Business – the Professional BusinessWomen of California’s 22nd Annual conference, held May 10th at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

The sold-out event featured over 50 speakers, 14 seminars, 100 exhibitors, 3,100 attendees and 3 keynote sessions with America’s premier industry leaders – including Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg; Political Strategist Donna Brazile; Good Morning America Contributing Editor Lee Woodruff; internationally awarded Author Isabel Allende; United States Congresswoman Jackie Speier, and Emmy Award-winning Actor America Ferrera.  The conference also featured a Young Women’s Summit, hosted by Actor and Filmmaker Jennifer Siebel Newsom and Google Vice President Marissa Mayer.

Internationally Awarded Author Isabel Allende

Emmy-Award Winning Actress America Ferrera

This nationally recognized annual conference is PBWC’s main forum for women leaders to mentor and role model, foster upward mobility and gain instant access to a large network of other professionals. It brings together thousands of women from all industry sectors across California for integrated leadership training, networking and examining ways to increase women’s value to business.

E2k was responsible for all aspects of the event, from exhibitor sales and attendee registration to graphic design and marketing;  from catering and décor, to venue design and build-out; and from speaker booking and travel coordination to fully integrated show production.  E2k also produced an attendee network, creating an online community where over 3,000 conference attendees could connect before, during and after the event.

The project was led by e2k Senior Vice-President Lorie Murphy and Producer David Gill.  Marketing and Promotion was managed by Kenny Wardell.  Registration was run by Laura DeGood.  The Expo produced by Megan Knight.  Venue Coordination by Tricia Ricci.  Office Management by Kelly Norris. Technical Production by Mike Brady.  Young Women’s Summit Coordinated by David Sanchezand Shannon Ellis.  Volunteer Coordination by Jasmine Hall.  Show Direction by Michael Olmstead.  Entertainment Coordination by Erin Olmstead.  And outstanding Graphic Design by Meghan Harris.  Additional on-site support was provided by an exceptional team of e2k Associate Producers and industry alliances, including Maria Giannini, Stefanie Liang, Brad Robinson, Mark Bethel, Tony Norris, Cathy Dangler, Bryan Greenwalt, Sara Jane Keskula, Teri Ramos, Mickey Fimbres, Aaron Feldman and Victoria Starr.

For more information on pbwc membership and community events, visit www.pbwc.org.


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