The 2011 Fiscal Summit: Solutions for America’s Future – Sponsored by the Peter G. Peterson Foundation

Michael Olmstead recently directed the 2011 Fiscal Summit, sponsored by the Peter G. Peterson Foundation in Washington D.C.  The one-day conference was focused on the U.S. debt that has now reached astronomical levels and threatens the economic security of our nation.
The innovative event featured a high-profile line-up of speakers including President Bill Clinton, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), President Obama’s Director of Economic Policy, Gene Sperling; Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels interviewed by Washington Post Columnist, George Will; and Senators Chambliss (R-GA), Crapo (R-ID), Durbin (D-IL) and Warner (D-VA) interviewed by PBS NewsHour Senior Correspondent, Judy Woodruff.
To provide the framework for the discussion, the Peterson Foundation commissioned six think tanks, the American Enterprise Institute, the BiPartisan Policy Center, the Center for American Progress, the Economic Policy Institute, the Heritage Foundation and the Roosevelt Campus Network to prepare reports outlining their recommendations for reducing the debt.  These presentations were displayed on three large screens with the organizational leaders, animated graphs and bullet point highlights.
Reflecting the urgency of the event subject, the event attracted significant media attention with live coverage by C-Span and news representation by every major news outlet.
Olmstead worked with Executive Producer, Chris Wayne, e2k Associate Producer, Danny Huebsch, and the team from Futureview, Inc. led by David Hanrahan to produce the event. Click Here to to learn more about the summit.


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