Pachamama Alliance Annual Gathering

Events for Change once again produced the annual luncheon for the Pachamama Alliance at Fort Mason in San Francisco. This year’s event attracted 1,400 individuals who support the organization’s mission to create an environmentally sustainable, socially just and spiritually fulfilling presence on the planet.

The event opened with a welcome by Jungle Journeys Director, David Tucker and the traditional rainforest, surround-sound, audio experience, created by Events for Change Technical Director, Mike Brady. Pachamama CEO, Bill Twist introduced Belen Paez, the Director of Fundacion Pachamama, the organizations working group in Ecuador. Belen talked about the Jungle Mamas program, giving indigenous women a greater voice in their communities, and assisting them in developing safer childbirth practices. She also highlighted the renewed oil drilling plans of the Ecuadorian government that continue to threaten the rain forest and the indigenous people who inhabit this pristine part of the world.

The highlight of the event was the presentation by the President of the Achuar, German Freire, and Patricia Gualinga from the Sarayaku Kichwa Community. In his short, but powerful speech, German exclaimed: “We are a peaceful nation, and are concerned for the sustainability and well-being of the entire World. We are also warriors when it comes to defending the lives of our children and future generations.”

Jon Symes, the Director of the Awakening the Dreamer program discussed their continued expansion into new countries, broader demographics, and introduced a new DVD version of the Awakening the Dreamer symposium, produced and distributed by Gaiam media. Youth activist Alec Lorz described the life-changing experience that he had while visiting the rainforest with Pachamama.

The event production was managed by David Gill. Mike Brady orchestrated the technical production and live webcast. Events for Change Art Director, Meghan Harris, created a beautiful Expo in the entrance area, including a new interactive globe display. Trisha Ricci coordinated production and ran graphics during the show. Events for Change Associate Producers, Brady Robinson and Megan Knight. Michael Olmstead, a member of the Pachamama Alliance Board, directed the show.

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