Century of Service – A Tribute to Howard Baker and Bob Dole

Washington D.C.

Michael Olmstead and Mike Brady provided the event direction and technical direction for a historical event, honoring two former Senate Minority Leaders who demonstrated the ability to reach across the aisle to pass important legislation—a trait that is not readily apparent in Washington today.

A Century of Service - Howard Baker and Bob Dole

Sponsored by the BiPartisan Policy Center, the event brought together Vice President Joe Biden and a who’s who of present and former U.S. Senators.  In addition to Biden, the program included, former Senate Majority leaders, Tom Daschle, Trent Lott, and Bill Frist, as well as present U.S. Senators, Harry Reid, Mitch McConnell, Lamar Alexander, and Pat Roberts.  The audience included a flood of other D.C. luminaries who can came to pay tribute to these aging leaders of the past.

The event featured two short films created by David Hanrahan and the Futureview team that highlighted classic legislative battles of the past such as Baker’s role in the Watergate hearings and the return of the Panama Canal, and Dole’s role in passing the first Disability Act.  Compared to many of today’s extreme Republicans, running on religious and conservative social issues, Baker and Dole truly demonstrated a more constructive political atmosphere.

e2k worked with Executive Producer Chris Wayne and CWA Production Manager Stephanie Condello, along with the rest of the Washington-based team from Chris Wayne and Associates.


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