Thanksgiving in Detroit

Ford Field, Detroit

On Thanksgiving Day, while most Americans were home with their families eating turkey and stuffing, the e2k team was on the field at Ford Field in Detroit producing the NFL United Way halftime show, starring Detroit’s own Kid Rock. This was the 14th United Way show produced by e2k. In addition to Kid Rock, the show featured over 700 local dancers who gave up their holiday to be a part of the action.

Kid Rock debuted a new song from his latest album, called “Detroit Michigan.” Accompanied by his band and legendary funk performer George Clinton, Kid Rock received a deafening welcome from the Lions’ fans. During the show, Rock and the band changed from silver jump suits to sequined blue coats reminiscent of an earlier era in Motown. To shield the costume change, e2k used CO2 cannons and 32 fire extinguishers to create a wall of white.

The show was produced by e2k Vice President Erin Olmstead. The technical production was managed by e2k Technical Director Mike Brady. They were joined on site by David Sanchez, Jasmine Hall, Shannon Ellis, Katie Doherty, Peter Dergee, John Orchard, Lindsay Rosenberg, Amy Ekema, Lindsay Dennis, Kaelie Sweet, Jay Stuber and Nelson Matos.

The production included a live card stunt featuring the United Way logo, as well as digital stunts that only appeared on television.

The show was televised on CBS with the #1 production team led by producer Lance Barrows and director Mike Arnold. This same team will be producing the Super Bowl in February. The Detroit game captured the largest viewing audience of the day with a rating/share of 15.2/36. This equates to approximately 17.6 million households or at least 50 million people watching the show.

e2k is proud to be a part of this event, which not only provides entertainment for the 70,000 fans in the stadium and millions watching over the airwaves, but helps promote the efforts of United Way to create better communities and enhanced opportunities for those who need a helping hand.

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