Our Approach

Bringing Inspiring Visions To Life. Catalyzing Communities.

From the stadium to the symposium, from a cast of thousands to a single inspirational speaker, e2k brings creativity, state-of-the-art production systems, and technical expertise to every project. We strive to transform events into experiences, shows into magical moments, and “clients” into “partners.” We view events as a vehicle to bring inspiring visions to life, produce personal transformation and catalyze powerful communities.

e2k brings together an experienced team of event and entertainment professionals united by a common vision and unified operating principles. Our full-time staff is supported by a global network of Associate Producers, who enable us to create the best possible team for each project.

We work closely with organizations to understand their culture, goals, initiatives, intended results, and then to integrate this awareness into our work. We see events as part of a process that extends beyond the temporal and physical scope of the live event.

We approach events and shows as a three-phase process:

CONCEPT & DESIGN – Assess needs, internal capacity, priorities and intended results; use innovative collaboration technology to enable real-time group creativity; develop three-dimensional drawings, charts and prototypes; create a marketing and social media strategy; work with the client to create an event design that fulfills both the long-term goals and budgetary realities of the organization.

IMPLEMENTATION & PRODUCTION – Form a specialized production team; produce graphics, music and media as required; manage venue and technical vendor relations; interface with participants and talent; coordinate press and public relations; manage event logistics; direct the event onsite.

POST-EVENT STRATEGIES – Galvanize network development and community building; provide photo, video and web-based event documentation; engage in post-event evaluation and future planning.


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