We are dedicated to using our event experience and expertise to make a difference in the world.

Our portfolio includes events and shows addressing climate change, social justice, indigenous rights, the empowerment of girls and women, education, health and the use of technology to improve the quality of life. We have long-term relationships with some of the leading environmental and social justice leaders of our time–because we believe in their work.

In addition to supporting leading climate action and renewable energy organizations, we work with clients to consider environmentally responsible production options and offset opportunities. We work with other like-minded companies to track carbon emissions, reduce the reliance on single-use products, minimize waste, and shrink the overall carbon footprint of their events.

The Global Climate Action Summit, produced by e2k, was the first event to receive the International Standards Organization ISO 20121 certification for sustainable event management at the highest level possible —a third-party accredited audit. As the highest sustainability standard to which events can aspire, ISO 20121 is an international model that sets forth a management system approach that any event-related organization can use to reduce its environmental footprint and become more socially responsible. E2k worked with Jaime Nack and Three Squares, Inc. to develop and implement the sustainability program.

We are also committed to creating safe, inclusive events that respect all attendees, promote diversity and challenge our unexamined assumptions. We stand together with our partners who are on the front lines in the fight against systemic racism, gender inequality, poverty, and inequity in education and health.