Virtual Solutions

In response to the 2020 pandemic, e2k has taken our virtual event production to another level. We are applying our approach to event production, technical expertise and design capabilities to a wide range of virtual and hybrid events. We don’t use just one approach for every event, any more than we would do every live event in the same venue. Based on the purpose, intended results, the culture and budget of each event, we assemble the best possible technical tools and graphic design strategy to bring the organization’s vision to life. We are leveraging the advantages of the virtual medium and compensating for the shortcomings. In the end, it still comes down to good people working together to create something magical, something that transforms lives and makes a difference in the world.

Wall Street Journal Tech Live

Continuing our long relationship with The Wall Street Journal, e2k has produced virtual summits for their high-profile member networks of CIOs, CMOs and CFOs, as well as the Women in the Workplace Forum and the inaugural Jobs Summit. 

Building on a decade-long relationship, e2k produced more than 20 streaming events for The Wall Street Journal in 2020, including their first-ever multi-day virtual engagement: WSJ Tech Live. In its seventh year — each produced by e2k — Tech Live expanded it’s audience by more than 1000%, inviting attendees from all over the globe. The production was managed at e2k Studios in Mountain View, CA, with remote host appearances from a purpose-built green screen satellite in Princeton, NJ. An overnight Asia broadcast was moderated by WSJ’s bureau chiefs in Seoul and Beijing, catering to an even wider international audience, and was produced by e2k in London and Dubai.

PBWC Virtual Conference

This event was designed to replicate many of the features of the annual one-day conference in San Francisco. E2k has produced the past ten events. This year, the conference took the form of a three-day experience with 24 hours of programming. Keynote speakers, seminar presenters and event hots were prerecorded and integrated into a cohesive program. The event was attended by over 6,000 paid attendees, with consistent viewership of over 2,000.

National Geographic Storytellers Summit

e2k has produced summits and events for National Geographic in Washington, D.C., London, Hong Kong and Mexico City, including Explorers Festival and the Nat Geo Awards. These exciting homecomings typically bring the global explorer community together at ‘basecamp’ to share their research and stories from the stage. 

In January 2021, the 5-day Virtual Storytellers Summit welcomed more than 4,000 attendees and featured 50+ National Geographic photographers, videographers, journalists and mapmakers. e2k recreated a 3D virtual set of the iconic Grosvenor Auditorium, where the in-person summit usually takes place. A robust, custom-branded portal helped to organize the 45 summit events, including small campfire gatherings, photography portfolio reviews, town halls and executive briefings, exclusive film screenings from the Nat Geo Channel, an Explorer Trivia gameshow, and international watch parties in Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia. All sessions featured English captions and American Sign Language interpretation. The event was jointly-executed from e2k Studios in Mountain View, CA and e2k International in London and Dubai.

Pachamama Alliance Global Community Gathering

The Pachamama Alliance event transformed their annual fundraising luncheon into a virtual Global Community Gathering, with four times as many attendees from thirty-two countries. Featured speakers included, founders, Lynne and Bill Twist, Jane Goodall and CNN commentator, Van Jones. The event included 73 pre-show networking sessions and community feeds from viewers around the world. The event also used green screen technology to place speakers into different thematic backgrounds, and to produce an animated representation of real-time fundraising data. The virtual event ended up raising as much money as the past live events. The show finale featured a Global Heartbeat with drummers from six countries and audience participation.

Tipping Point Community Drive-In

On October 3, 2020, when the first wave of the pandemic had slowed in San Francisco, the Tipping Point Community saw an opportunity to bring key stakeholders together to show their appreciation for their support during these trying times. The result was a live, drive-in event featuring South African comedian and the host of The Daily Show, Trevor Noah. 

In order to simulate a nighclub atmosphere that would enable the audience to respond to Noah’s comedy, e2k created a socially distanced, outdoor venue using 100 golf carts. 

When guests arrived they were directed to a parking spot next to a golf cart, equipped with branded blankets. Once they reached their spot in the “theater” they received a box dinner with snacks and a mini-bar. The high-rez LED screen not only magnified the presenters, but provided a vehicle to display real-time images of he guests, thus, enhancing a sense of intimacy and interactivity. 

To produce a safe event, e2k instituted strict Covid protocols that required temperature readings, social distancing, additional tents to separate show operators, mask requirements and a fulltime safety monitor.