Creating innovative events, powerful experiences, and magical moments that entertain people, inspire a sense of community, and celebrate humanity.

Create Magic

To entertain is to bring joy to others; to entertain with a purpose is to create an emotional context for change. Our roots are in entertainment and every event or show is conceived as an experiential journey for the audience. We use music, dance, video and other forms of culture to entertain people and create magical moments.

Inspire Community

From the campfire to today’s virtual reality, events and ritual celebrations have always brought people together to reinforce their cosmology, share their stories, celebrate great achievements, and inspire collective action. Events inspire a sense of community, they enable us to see that we are part of something bigger than ourselves—and that gives us hope.

Celebrate Humanity

Global issues like climate change and the Covid19 pandemic, coupled with our ability to reach people anywhere in the world with the click of a finger, are causing more and more people to understand what has always been true: we are one. We see our events as a way to celebrate our common humanity—the desires, fears and dreams that unite us all.