Faithful from the Start

For the past 70 years, e2k has produced innovative game entertainment, fan engagement experiences and special events for the San Francisco 49ers. From the 49ers Majorettes parading on the muddy turf at Kezar Stadium to the championship moments at Candlestick, to the state-of-the-art experience at Levis Stadium, e2k has been at the center of 49ers fan experience—creating the pageantry that makes a sporting event more than just a game. E2k introduced the first halftime rock concerts, shows that celebrated the diversity of the Bay Area, the first dance-oriented NFL cheerleading team, and yes, the first frisbee dogs. Forty Niner Faithful will never forget the retirement ceremonies for Joe Montana, Steve Young and Jerry Rice; Bill Walsh’s Memorial and the Farewell to Candlestick final game with performances by Huey Lewis and the News and Boyz II Men.